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  • Leupold 6.5-20x40 VX-III E.F.R. Riflescope DEMO-B

    55154, Matte, Target Dot, Target Knobs, Adjustable Objective Stock# SPL28558


  • Trijicon 3-9x40 Credo Rifle Scope DEMO-B

    CR940C290004, Matte Black, MIL-Square (Green) Stock# SPL28556


  • U.S. Optics 3-12x44 TS-12X 30mm Riflescope DEMO-A

    TS12XMHR, Matte, MHR, 1/10 MIL Adjustments, Side Focus, 1/p Stock# SPL28557


  • U.S. Optics 5-25x52 FDN 25X 34mm Riflescope DEMO-B

    FDN25XGENIIXR, Matte, GENIIXR (Red), ER3K 1/10 MIL Ele Stock# SPL28555


  • ATN Thor 320 1-4x 320x240 Thermal Riflescope DEMO-B

    1-4 Digital Zoom, 320x240 Resolution, 30hz Stock# SPL26636


  • SWFA SS HD 1-6x24 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope DEMO-A

    Matte, Illuminated Donut (Circle/Mil-Scale), .10 Mrad, 1/p Stock# SPL28461


  • SWFA SS HD 1-6x24 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope DEMO-B

    Mechanically New, Imperfections in Illumination (see images) Stock# SPL28460


  • Steiner 3x40 Cinder Thermal Weapon-Mounted DEMO-B

    9501, Black Stock# SPL28434


  • ATN 4-40x ThOR 4 640 HD Thermal Scope DEMO-B

    TIWST4644A, 4 Gen, 6 degrees x 4.7 degrees FOV Stock# SPL28412


  • ATN 4.5-18x ThOR-HD 384 Smart Thermal Weapon Sight DEMO-B

    TIWSTH384A, Black, 384x288 Sensor, 50mm Lens System Stock# SPL28411


  • Elcan 1x/3x/9x SpecterTR Rifle Sight DEMO-C

    TFOV139C1, Matte, 5.56 Ballistic, 1x Red Dot, 3x/9x Illum. Stock# SPL28410


  • Trijicon 1-6x24 VCOG Rifle Scope DEMO-B

    VC16C1600045, Matte, Horseshoe Dot/Crosshair .308/175 Gr Stock# SPL28347


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Sample List